Linux command

Linux Command – 21 Common Linux Tips and Tricks

As we learn and more about Linux we tend to gain more expertise working on Linux command line. I’ve been working on Linux command line for last 7 years from now and learned many cool tricks that can save your time and make your life a lot easier. This article will cover 21 Common Linux […]

How to upgrade Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie

Before we begin, it’s important to take a backup of all the necessary data. The most crucial part of your backup includes directories like /etc and /home.

Best known practices for using OpenSSH

As the name suggests, OpenSSH is an Open-source client and server application of SSH (Secure Shell) protocol used by almost every Linux and Unix Distributions.

LEMP Stack under Debian Wheezy

LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) and PHPMyAdmin (via SSH-Tunnel) under Debian Wheezy Nginx is also sometimes poetically called as the “unsinkable Webserver”. Thanks to the thread pool it can serve many concurrent TCP connections (even very slow ones from smartphones) using minimal system resources.

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Debian SPI Firewall for Debian- and Ubuntu-VPS

Rackhansa’s hardware nodes implement the upstream SPI firewalls (Stateful Packet Inspection) for hosted virtual server; IPv6 protocol is supported by dual-stack operation. Known attacks by ICMP protocols and DoS attacks (Denial of Service) are droped by the physical server, so this kind of bad/mal data packets do not reach the VPS. The advantages are quite […]