How to schedule your posts in WordPress

One of the spectacular features of WordPress is that it permits you to schedule your posts. It is among the most useful features but it’s unfortunately unknown to beginners. With the help of this post you will be able to learn how to schedule your posts in WordPress.

Why to schedule posts in WordPress?

Each day there is a time when every site got rushed with users. If you are living somewhere, where your time is not matching with your readers’ time then it may cause problems. Scheduling a post at sharp 3:00 in the morning can be a very reliable solution to this problem.
One other condition may be that if you are thinking to go out for vacations but you don’t want to let your blog free. How to fix this problem?
In WordPress you can simply schedule your posts. It allows you to prepare for the next big things on your blog in advance and to stay ahead in time. You can plan your vacations with busy routine and schedule articles so that they will publish automatically.

To schedule a post in WordPress:

When you are done with writing a post, before you go for publishing it, simply look at the option which is placed right above the publish button labeled as “Publish immediately”

Many readers like posts which are timed to perfection. After following the above steps you are now in a position to schedule your posts in WordPress.
So, if a blog post is posted by you at 7:30 in the morning, it can be read by users while having a coffee in the morning, then he will keep doing so because then the user will show loyalty to your site. Sometimes users also want to read new posts by you, so this time they will start expecting new posts from you.