6 reasons for using WordPress

This article is about the CMS WordPress – a modern web software implementing websites, blogs and online stores. It is the most used CMS, but why is it so successful and popular? In the following six main advantages of WordPress are presented.

Minimal Functionality

WP provides minimal functionality so less code is required, which means fewer errors as well as being less target for hackers.

Plugin Variety

A variety of plugins allows any type of functionality, eg. online shops using WooCommerce (adaption to German law requirements available), Plugins for SEO, etc.

Theme Range

A large selection of free themes are already sufficient simple steps to customize the appearance and the functionality of your websites.

Regular Updates

Regular updates in 2-3 month intervals ensure that your on WordPress based website is always up-to-date .


Technical know-how is not necessary to manage this CMS. The operation is intuitive and user-friendly.

One-Click Upgrade

You just need a few seconds to upgrade to the latest version.