What is Webhosting

Originally webhosting (also known as nethosting) is understood as providing space for web pages. With increasing software progress much more services like domains, email, FTP, mailing list, WordPress Toolkit, one-click installation, etc. are included in the service packages, such as the Webhosting-Packages of Rackhansa in order to work very comfortable with a nice graphical user interface and in most cases do not need an own server.
Before the turn of the millennium, many smaller ISPs (Internet Service Provider) were connected to the Internet with only 2 Mbit /s. Today in 2015, almost everyone has a DSL connection already with 1Mbit / s uplink and could therefore already operate an own server from home or a company connection. For safety and cost reasons, the own server operation makes little sense (electricity costs, software maintenance and defense against hacker attacks). The Webhosting-Packages of Rackhansa with up to Gigabit / s for your website make dedicated web server for many customers even unnecessary (with so little money one can hardly afford a Gigabit port).
Therefore, all companies still like booking web hosting services for their website and e-mail reception. Because, if the server is hacked, the potential damages are manageable and your own corporate network stays unaffected.