Rackhansa Freemail
Term and Conditions

(This English language translation of the General Terms and Conditions serves for informational purposes only and has no legal authority. The decisive text is the version written in German. Therefore, in case of differing interpretations between the German and English versions, the German version shall take priority.)
By registering or using the Rackhansa Freemail you agree to the following terms and our General Standard term of service (TOS).
The provider (Rackhansa GmbH) offers free email service using many domain names, e.g. viet.de, azungo.de, …. The terms and conditions outlined here are valid for all domain names providing free email service.

A) Scope of services

  1. The provider is entitled at any time to change parts of the TOS as well as any terms in his general standard TOS. In case of any changes the customer can terminate his email account at any time. Rackhansa Freemail will always be free.
  2. We reserve the right to suspend inactive mail accounts (no login to webmail after 180 days, premium Mail accounts are exempt). Likewise email accounts become suspended if our Terms and Conditions are not complied.
  3. The provider and his staff will not check or scan your data / emails, except he is judicially or legally obliged.
  4. The customer agrees to receive system emails with his free registration of his e-mail address (important information about upcoming maintenance event).
  5. Rackhansa Freemail is financed by advertising. Premium Mail accounts are free of advertising.

B) Obligations of the Customer

  1. The customer is obliged not to misuse the Rackhansa Freemail for spamming, phishing.
  2. If data encryption is banned by law in the customer home country, he is committed not to use PGP available in our Webmail installations to encrypt his emails or our free mail service because the data transport is indeed encrypted.
  3. The client is fully responsible for all actions taken using our free email service.
  4. The sending of advertising, spam and bulk email (“mail bombs”) is expressly forbidden and obliges the owner of that email account to compensate the loss suffered (for his “victim” and the provider).
  5. In case of violation of the points 1-4 or general standard TOS the provider is authorized to disable all email accounts of the client without any prior notice.

C) Warranty and Disclaimer

We make no promises on certain functionalities, reliability, availability or suitability for your purposes.
The provider implements the latest and stable open source software versions available and hopes that you enjoy our service and have the most benefit.
All warranties are hereby excluded provided that the valid laws permit.