How to add tag of facebook author in WordPress

Facebook Author Tag:
Before going on deep discussion about Facebook Author Tag, here is one question to ask. That is, the links shared on Facebook is displaying information regarding to author, have you ever noticed that on Facebook? In recent times the same question was asked by some users who asked to add the tag of Facebook author, when he saw our status. By keeping the huge rush of Facebook users, the strategy of social media is actually of the essence. After reading this post, you will be able to learn about adding tag of facebook author in WordPress

Working of Facebook Author tag

When you add tag of Facebook author to your site, after that, your name and link will be displayed just after your profile whenever you share your article.
This will bring more promotion and exposure to your personal brand and thus both blogs i.e multi authors and the single author can enjoy a great deal.
For adding tagging facebook author on your site, we have bunch of other methods. After reading this article, you must be able to learn both of the methods that is,

  • Plugin method
  • Code method

For adding tag of facebook author in WordPress site, the methods stated earlier are applicable.

Adding plugin of facebook author using Yoast i.e plugin of WordPress:

If WordPress SEO Yoast plugin is in your use, you already have that because it contain Facebook open graph meta data support.
By just visiting the social page of SEO placed on admin of your WordPress site and make it clear that the box which is just next to “Add Open data meta graph option is already checked.

How To Add tag of Facebook author Using Code In WordPress:

As Yoast SEO plugin is already in our use on our site, it already made for us a sense for using the above method. By simply adding the code given below in your site’s section, you can add Facebook author meta tag to your website without any plugin,

 <meta property="article:publisher" content="" />
<meta property="article:author" content="" /> 

Before using it, make it certain that there will be no link at the site of your FB link page and on your personal link profile.

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