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Why you should buy Multiple Domain Extensions

When you buy a domain name on the Internet, it represents your identity, brand name, or the types of services which you offer. It’s like a billboard which says a lot about your work. But sometimes, different businesses may have same or similar brand names. Sometimes, the domain name of your site can match with the brand name of other people. And sometimes, the domain name can be misspelled to become a completely different thing.
One of the popular solutions of the above mentioned problems is to buy multiple domain extensions of the same domain name.

Reasons you should buy domain extentions

  1. There’s someone in some part of the world who doesn’t know you. But he has a legitimate business and with the same name as yours. He wants to buy a domain name with, but you already own it. He may think about buying and will eventually do it. He doesn’t feel that it will hurt his business that there’s a domain name like his with some other domain extensions on the Internet. But you run a large business and it may hurt you because people can get confused between the scopes of both websites. To prevent this from happening, you can buy multiple domain extensions of your domain name such as, .net, and .org.
  2. For example, you run a business in the United States with branches in all over the world. But you registered only one domain name with a .us extension. Someone sitting in United Kingdom, who’s not familiar with your business has a similar brand name and registers a domain name with, but it actually should represent your business. So, you may file a lawsuit and eventually win it because you have trademark rights. But, because it’s an expensive process, it would better to take care of it from the beginning and register your domain name with multiple extensions.
  3. Someone may be running an illegitimate business with a similar name to yours and if he registers a domain with the same name and appear in the search engine results, it may destroy your reputation. That’s why we’re telling you about it.
  4. It preserves brand identity. It can result in better search engine results because if someone searches for mybusiness, he’ll get multiple results with similar names but different domain extensions and they all redirect to the same website, so it can help you get more audience.
  5. One of the domain names can be used for email hosting to prevent spam on the original domain extension.
  6. Audiences from different countries can be specifically targeted using extensions of different countries and you can have the edge over your competitors.

So if you consider buying multiple domain name extensions, you can check out Rackhansa which offers domain registration from as low as 9.48 €/year, and you can redirect different extensions to same site using a simple 301 redirect option.