What happens when you switch your WordPress theme?

When you switch your WordPress theme, have you ever imagined what may happen? Although, there are a bunch of spectacular and lovely themes in WordPress but it is alluring to switch to a theme which is handsome to see and eye catching. In usual practice, to switch your WordPress theme is a safe and sound process but the need is to remember some of the mandatory points. In recent times, a formal question asked by many of our users was: “what happens when you switch your WordPress theme”. Here, with the help of this guide, we are going to give you the answer regarding to the above question and some of the mandatory points which will help to make sure that after switching to a theme, your site works properly.

Before you switch WordPress themes

In your WordPress site, while you are doing any of the bulk changes of great importance like themes switching, installations of plugins or exporting/importing data, it is highly recommended that you create a complete WordPress backup before you undertake any of the changes above. Before you activate your new WordPress theme, make sure how it’s going to affect your site by taking a preview before switching. You have an option to install and preview themes before you actually switch them to your site.
You may install a theme simply and under that theme, there will be a “Live Preview button”, click on that button.

How is the new theme going to affect your site? You should notice it while you are previewing your theme. Open the main page of your site >> single posts >> individual pages >> and then ‘archives’.
Enjoy, while seeing the new theme is handling things in a different way.

Now, its the time to decide whether you want to go for your new theme or want to sustain the features of your old theme.
If you want more instructions in precise form, you may also go through our article (which will act as a guide for you) on how to properly switch your WordPress theme.
Now, after saying all that, let’s have a look at what happens in your WordPress site if you actually switch to a new theme.

Menus will most likely disappear in the new theme

You have a built-in navigation menu system in WordPress. Each theme describes a particular location where the menus are displayed on the themes.
That is the reason why with the switching of new theme, you will have new locations of menu.
Now, after switching to a new theme, you have to assign a new menu to the new theme. Just go to ‘Appearance’>> Menus. Next step is the selection of the menu you want to use and then display this menu where you want to, by simply checking the location of the theme.

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