Method to convert NextGEN to EnVira in WordPress Gallery

Do you want to switch from NextGEN gallery? Envira Gallery is here to provide you with a bunch and bunch of functions along with reliability and fast speed to use. Just in recent times the hot issue to be asked by most of our users is none other than that, is there any reliable way to change NextGEN into Envira Gallery? The answer is yes, and a reliable one. With the help of this article you will be able to learn about switching from NextGEN to Envira gallery while working in WordPress.
No doubt, Envira Gallery is among one of the best galleries in WordPress which is responsive enough. One of the other most asked question from our users is about importing images from NextGEN Gallery to Envira. In this tutorial, we will explain you in an exquisitely manner to convert NextGEN into Envira Gallery within WordPress.
The first and foremost thing is the installation and activation of the plugin Envira Gallery. You can have both: the free or Pro versions.
After getting activation, scroll down your mouse cursor upon Envira Gallery, then navigate to ‘Settings’ and then finally click on the tab of ‘Addons’.
Next, press the installation button for addon, and after installation, select “activate Button”.
Now you are permitted to import your images from NextGEN Gallery to Envira Galleries. You will get a new item in your Envira Gallery menu, that will be labeled as NextGEN. By just clicking on the option of ‘NextGEN import’, all the galleries and albums of NextGEN will be automatically shown to you.
Note: If you were using the album feature in NextGEN Gallery, then don’t forget to install the Envira PRO’s version of this feature called ‘Albums’.
After that just check those galleries and albums carefully which you want to import and then press the button of ‘lmport Galleries’.
Now, with the help of the plugin you can import your galleries from NextGEN to Envira Gallery. When you are done with it, a success message will be shown to you.
Now in order to see your new imported galleries and albums of images, you just need to visit Envira Gallery.
That’s it. With the help of this article of you must be able to learn about importing NextGEN Gallery to Envira Gallery.
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