Introduction to webhosting- a beginners guide

Webhosting is an Internet hosting that allows individual users and organizations to create their websites so that they are accessible through the WWW (World Wide Web). There are many companies providing the cheap webhosting services that provide space on a server that is owned by clients.
Many companies offer linux webhosting some of them are mentioned below:

    1. Rackhansa
    2. Site Ground
    3. Blue Host
    4. InMotion Testing
    5. I page

If you have had faced any difficulty with free webhosting then this information will guide to solve your problems. It is a huge effort to secure your cheap webhosting services in case of setting a new personal page or getting a business onto a web. We are going to tell following decisions you should make that will help you in getting started.
Below are some points you should follow while considering webhosting options.

Finding a Company – Three Important Factors

Do webhosting companies have good reputation? There are many companies that you will find are affordable and provide you with best customer services. These companies will also provide you with plenty of features you can use to enhance your linux webhosting and help you in accessing free server-based applications.
When you are going to compare the companies on the basis of price, you should get pricing for different packages so it will help you in comparing hosting packages that are almost identical. Apart from this, the following are the other options:

Server Stability

You should involve any other website to see how the webhosting companies rate when you are researching every company. You should note three points while analyzing the ratings. Percentage of downtime is the most critical point. Excessive downtime will disturb those who are trying to view the site. Minimum downtime should be about 40 minutes per month that is equal to only 1% downtime.
If the downtime exceeds from 1% or 2% then it is considered that there is some problems with the site or there must be some hacking or phishing attacks.
If you are consistently facing the problem, then you should switch to other companies like

Customer Service

When you do research different companies, then you will come to know that which companies are capable of handling problems and customer service issues in a best way.
For example, notification will be sent to the customers about the scheduled server maintenance but some companies do not do that which certainly affects your business. It is Important to understand the hours and availability of technical support because this is a place where they can cut costs easily.
If you need some technical support late at 2am, then find that company which can provide you with quick customer service facility. You should keep in mind that some companies do not provide their phone numbers and emails and they are supposed to be risky. If you cannot fix your issue within 48 hours, then you can email to the tech support for technical assistance. This service might not be offered by all companies.

Applications – You Never Know When You May Need Them

Finally, you need to find the availability and quality of server applications of every hosting company. Even if you do not want to use the applications at that time, then having them available in the future will be good for you.
For example, an entrepreneur may setup an account initially for free webhosting simply to have sales pages for joining marketing campaigns running. They will realize after some time that they may have some other ways to track the traffic to their sales pages apart from AdWords advertisement.


If a hosting company supports and has integrated WordPress application allowing users to be installed and configured for free, then this can be easy for you to host your site. If you are not looking for webhosting companies with extra features then you have to pay more for installing these features or even there is a chance of changing the webhosting company in future.

Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting

If you are going to start the web site for your personal purpose where you do not expect more traffic then choose shared hosting option for you. Shared hosting includes you an entire account, web page, email and applications and it is hosted on a server with other`s accounts.
On the other hand if your website becomes hit and happens to have a lot of traffic it is of paramount importance to upgrade your hosting plans. Lastly, Rackhansa is the only company that meets with of your needs. Hence, before making your choice to host a website or buy a domain, you should visit