How to restrict WordPress authors to a specific category?

If you are running a site that comprises a bunch of authors, its mandatory requires a handsome editorial workflow. If on your site, you have some WordPress authors who are working on some peculiar topic assigned to them, then you may restrict their publishing capability to only a specified category. With the help of this post (guide) you will be able to learn how to restrict authors to a specific category in WordPress.
In usual practice it is useful if on your site, you contain an author specific column. Whether it is only among ‘Dear Abby’ or maybe some authors are only permitted to write on tech related topics.
The first and foremost step is the installation and activation of the Restrict Author Posting plugin. After the activation, you are asked to go to the users screen, just after the targeted user (you want to restrict), you have an option to click on the edit link.
On the page of the profile of a user, you need to reach the category section by scrolling down your mouse cursor till you reach ‘Restrict Author Post’ and here is the step required for the selection of the category to post into for the user.

After that, whenever the user will edit or create a post, he will be alarmed by receiving a notification that the particular category is assigned to him and he is only permitted to post in that particular category.
Now, if you wish to retract the restriction from the account of your author, then you just simply need to move down to the user profile to ‘Restricted Author Post’ to the section of a category. To retract the restriction, you just simply need to click on “No Restrict” and the restriction will be removed successfully.
We hope that after going through this guide (post) you are able to learn “How to restrict authors to specific categories on your WordPress site”
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