Tutorial on how to allow Authors to Chat in WordPress

While you are running a blog which contains a bunch of authors, getting in touch with them becomes so important. For the exchange of notes and feedback among both the admin of that site and the authors, there are a bunch of WordPress plugins that permit to do so while working under WordPress admin area. Rarely the notes and feedback among the author and the admin remain unnoticeable. With the help of this post, you will be able to learn “how to allow authors to chat in WordPress”

Author Chat

Before we may proceed, please make it clear that this chat is only for your site’s authors. All the chat features can only be used by those users who have access to the admin area. At the front-end of your wordpress site, do you want to add a live chat feature? Then, please go through our guide of this article ““How to add a free live chat in wordpress”.
The first and foremost thing is the installation and activation of the Author Chat Plugin. The plugin starts working. If you want to see it is working, then you may simply get to the Dashboard or Dashboard >> Author Chat.

All the chat messages will be stored by lite-weight chat system in your WordPress data base in a spare table. For setting up an expiration period for chat logs, you should make it sure to visit the settings of the plugin page “ Author Chat Options”.

By default, the period of expiration is 30 days. If the increased WordPress backup size of your chat log is getting you in some trouble, then you have an option to remove the author chat table abundantly from the backups of yours.
While working within WordPress, we prefer to use Slack for the members of our team, in place of using a live chat. It is highly recommendable to you and you should have a try for this as it is pretty much efficient and reliable.
By giving you this guide, we hope to help you in learning the addition of author chat feature to your site of WordPress.