What is Domain Name and Webhosting?

Domain Name: The region of administrative liberty, power, ascendancy or control over the internet is defined by an identification, named as Domain Name. To register a specific Domain Name you have to follow some of the rules and processes of the DNS (Domain Name System). All the names that are registered in the Domain Name System are referred to as Domain Name.

Webhosting: Just have a look at the files and folders on your computer. They all are stored on a hard disk of your PC, displayed at desktop, and remain ready for you to open them whenever you wish. Just like your documents, your web page is a file. Thus, all the web pages demand a computer to save them. This computer is known as server or host, and is provided by webhosting companies.

Reasons to buy Domain Name:

  • Branding: You can feature your brand name, products and services.
  • Growth: Domain Names including popular keywords appear in the top results of search engines and it can help your business to reach more people.
  • Email ID: You can use your own domain address like admin@mysite.com for emailing people.
  • Promotion: Write content about your business/organization, and even provide services to people in a digital manner.
  • Cost Efficient: It’s cheaper than selling your ideas through billboards.
  • Professionalism: In this digital age, online presence can make you look more professional, credible and reliable.

Reasons to buy Webhosting:

  • Store Website Files: Webhosting providers host the files of your site so that people can access them through internet.
  • Ease of use: Webhosting companies are getting cheaper than the cost of buying/maintaining a server or using your own system as a web server. You are free from the responsibility of updating and upgrading the resources.
  • Website Development: Web hosts provide you web development tools and services, such as designing, application installation, etc.
  • Security: A layman doesn’t have the knowledge of web security. Service providers can handle it for you by securing your data from attacks.

Where to buy?

Most of the companies are tricking the users into buying things which they would never require. So, you should know your requirements before choosing a package that meets your needs. Moreover, many companies charge the user for both domain name and webhosting. However, there are companies which provide a FREE domain name when you buy webhosting from them. Some of these companies are mentioned below:

  • Rackhansa
  • Bluehost
  • Hostmonster
  • iPage
  • FatCow
  • Justhost

Why buy from Rackhansa?

Rackhansa is one of the most cheapest and affordable web hosts available which provides services to the clients according to their needs. A wide range of packages is available for different needs. For beginners, a free webhosting package is provided with 5 GB space, unlimited bandwidth and all the basic features. For bloggers, a free blog service is available with 2 GB space, one-click installation, and a premium WordPress theme. For projects with advanced requirements, standard packages start from 1.99€/month with 15 GB of space and a FREE domain name of your choice. Even if you don’t want to buy hosting from Rackhansa, and you just need a domain name for now, you can register it starting lowest at 9.48 €/year.