What is the difference between Hosting VS Domain VS Website

When a person visits a site, he should know about the domain of the particular website. He uses that domain to reach the website. In the mean time when he enters the domain name in the internet browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) & presses the enter button a translating process occurs. We are going to explain that process in following three steps:

  1. When a visitor enters a domain in the URL section of a browser, it translates that Domain into his server IP address
  2. The next step is done by the server that is sending that translated domain to the user who entered that domain
  3. The visitor browser then translates that translated domain to the website which is viewed by the visitor.

A website is unable to view if the process is broken. Basic parts of a Website are a domain, webhosting and site file. So, here we are going to elaborate about these parts of a website.

Domain Name

We are writing this post to guide you about Domain name. Domain name is based on IP address. People with no knowledge of internet server are unable to understand about Domain name system. They always ask a question that “what is a domain name?”
So for understanding a domain name we have to know about an IP address.
IP address is abbreviated as Internet protocol address and it is used as a numerical label for a computer network. This address is used to contact two different computers through a computer network. Domain names are like entries we write on an internet phone book. A domain is hosted on the user internet server. And if you don’t have a domain, then there’s no need to worry! There are many companies offering “register domain” services to the users. Otherwise, we have to give a temporary URL instead of domain for viewing that site which looks unprofessional.


After the introduction to Domain name we are going to explain you what is webhosting. It’s basically Internet hosting that allows individual users and organizations to create their websites so that they are accessible through the WWW (World Wide Web). There are many companies providing cheap webhosting services. These services provide space on Internet servers that is owned by clients.

Site File

The third part of the above mentioned process are the site files. The“site file” is actually the file that a visitor and potential customer actually sees when he enters the domain of the website and presses enter. These files are the same we use normally, for example: .vlc video, mp3 music file, jpg photograph. Website files are actually two types of files that are .html files and php files.