Cheap hosting Europe

There are many free and cheap hosting offers available on the internet in Europe. When you search the web for “Cheap Hosting Europe”, you find hundreds of results. But most of them are cheap for a very short period of time and then they start costing a lot. Even the services which claim to be totally free are not really free. Either they lack the quality, or have hidden costs and charges.
When you’re new in the field of website development, it’s usual to search for cheap or free hosting companies. But cost is not the only issue. There are many other factors which a beginner should consider. For example, there are many cheap/free hosting companies which start placing buggy scripts on your website for advertisement purposes. For them, their profits are more important than the integrity of their client’s project.
Some cheap webhosting providers don’t provide the necessary features for running a proper website. They don’t offer a decent web-space and bandwidth. Security is also compromised by many. Moreover, they provide limited emailing and database features and lack the site building features which a client expects.

Why choose Rackhansa?

But not all are alike. Rackhansa is one of the cheapest webhosting companies in Europe which provides unmatchable services. One of the most prominent features is the Free Webhosting Package which doesn’t expire. Yes, 5 GB web space and unlimited bandwidth is provided permanently without any hidden cost, charges or compromise in the service. This package also includes support for IPv6, PHP, MySQL, Apache, CGI, Python, SSL, Cron, unlimited database and email accounts. So what else do you need? Rackhansa is also offering a free 7 day trial of the free hosting service, with their subdomain.

Free blog service is also offered with 2 GB space for multimedia data only and unlimited WordPress posts can be created. The package also includes Enfold Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme which can be used to create an awesome looking blog within minutes. Unlike others, Rackhansa doesn’t flood your website with any ugly looking advertisement.
For large projects with more advanced requirements, Standard or Active hosting package is also provided at very affordable and cheap cost. The beginner or starter package costs 1.99€/month and provides 15 GB of space. The user can always upgrade to more space and bandwidth when his site grows. The package also offers one free TLD and many other features which can run social, commerce, and forum and portfolio sites.
Some of the premium features of Rackhansa include the Gigaburst hosting and Virtual Private Server. Gigaburst hosting is ideal for projects which need large space, speed and bandwidth. A lot of RAM and processing power is offered for handling extreme workloads, and that too at a very cheap and affordable cost of 9.99€/month for startups with 30 GB of space. Virtual Servers are offered at a starting price of 14.99€/month. Domain names can also be bought at an affordable price of 9.48 €/year.
Some other features which make Rackhansa more robust than other cheap solutions are its Plesk Control Panel, Web Application Firewall, Nginx as a Reverse Proxy, Perfect Forward Secrecy and the powerful processors. To avail all these awesome features at an affordable price, visit today.