Basic WordPress FAQ

In this WordPress FAQ the answers of some common frequently asked questions are listed below. Please leave us a message if you do not find your question here.


Unlike where you can’t install your own plugins and themes, provides the WP software which you can install on a server as a CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is an open-source, non-profit community project with millions of professional contributors. WordPress is giving power to the people for launching their own websites while the role of 3rd party designers is also disappearing in the process.

How to get started?

To get started, you can host WordPress on Rackhansa and start building your site by downloading a theme from themeforest or using a theme building framework such as Genesis along with a theme over or firebug in case you don’t know CSS. Child themes can also be used with parent themes or frameworks. Remember that you can switch themes any time without losing any data. Also configure the URLs of posts and pages to make them search friendly. There are hosts which allow you to test WP as a trial but it’s better to install and test WP on your system by using XAMPP.
Start with Rackhansa Free Blog to create your personal blog or to learn how to blog with WordPress.

Which are the most useful and recommended plugins?

  • SEO -SEO by Yoast
  • Cache Performance -Total cache
  • Email Newsletter -Mailchimp
  • commerce -WooCommerce
  • Tables -TablePress plugin
  • Translation -Google Translate plugin,
  • Widgets -WooSidebar manager
  • Business Directories -Business Directory plugin,
  • Landing Pages -Optimizepress
  • Socializing and Making Site Mobile Friendly -Jetpack
  • Social Network – BuddyPress
  • Forum – BBPress

Why do I need a blog or site and is it easy?

Having a blog helps you express yourself to the world and even proper websites can be developed with WordPress without any hardcore programming knowledge by just following some key concepts for which you can refer to digging into WordPress.

While installing a theme/plugin, my site has gone white (blank screen). How to fix it?

If experimentation makes something go wrong, you can delete the wp-content/plugins folder from the server and hopefully your site would be back.

Is it secure?

It’s a secure software but still vulnerable to external attacks which can be prevented by using verified themes and plugins and security extensions such as Securi.

How much does it cost?

A developed WordPress site doesn’t cost much as hosting is pretty affordable today and domains are almost free. Premium themes can cost around $50 but that’s not an issue because thousands of free themes are also there. You can always start small and then grow big. At Rackhansa you can start a free blog with premium theme enabled.

Can I create a multi-user blog or website?

You can also create permissions and roles for the members of your site so that they don’t mess up with the settings.

What kind of sites can I build?

WordPress is built on HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, and there are no design limitations. Because of its extendibility, WP is growing rapidly and a large number of the sites on the internet are powered by WP. If you’re on a good video hosting server, you can also use WP as a multimedia site or just embed videos from other sources, premium theme like Enfold provides beautiful video embedding features.

Should I upgrade WordPress?

Upgrades are released now and then, so before upgrading, you should backup your site and make sure that all the plugins are also up-to-date.

How many people visit my site and how to improve it?

To know about the traffic stats of your site, use Google Analytics coupled with the Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast plugin and to get more traffic, use Google AdWords for keyword research.

How many posts and pages should I create?

You can have unlimited posts and pages on your site but make sure to categorize them in approx. 10 categories. If you’ve content on Blogger, you can also import that in WP.