5 Most wanted Plugins and Twitter Hacks for WordPress

Are you looking for full-on traffic rush on your site of WordPress by Twitter’s full force? Yes, if you used it in an effective way, new users can be found on Twitter, your content can be expanded, and also your site can get traffic. With the help of this article, we are going to expose some of the most wanted plugins and Twitter hacks for your site in WordPress.

1. Floating Social Bar!!

With the addition of bars like Floating Social Bar some of the social buttons are automatically added on the top of the content including the tweet button of Twitter. Using this plugin will never let your site’s speed to be slow. For how much times the article of yours get twitted, is easily shown to you on the button. For enhancing the traffic of social shares, we use the same wanted plugin in some customized form on all our websites.

2. Schedule your tweets with buffer!!

There isn’t any blogger who doesn’t use buffer. By using it you are permitted to schedule tweets and other updates regarding your social media. Even if you are looking for scheduling your post of WordPress for the cause of social media, you can use it.
If you want to schedule even for days and for weeks, you can use it and it will do this all in advance.

3. Method for the addition of Twitter cards!!

A summary or a thumbnail can be displayed by your article, whenever a link is twitted on your site by using this card. A view of a summary link will be shown by Twitter above the tweets, clicking on it the summary of the tweet will be displayed as shown here.

4. Auto publish your tweets as blog posts in WordPress!!

Have you ever wished for publishing your tweets in WordPress as posts. By using the plugin Twitter tools you can do it. It allows you to syndicate your Twitter account and WordPress site and then all the new tweets posted from your account will be blogged on your WordPress site as separate posts.

5. Addition of Pay with tweet button in WordPress!!

A very major opportunity to get it is through asking your readers to follow you, whenever a major download is being done. You may also get it by using the plugin “Pay with a tweet” Plugin.
We hope the 5 most wanted Plugins and Twitter Hacks for WordPress helped you a lot with your WordPress site.