20 unbelievably convenient WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets grant to add your passive and compelling material to the blog. You can use them to modify it. They contain things like footer, sidebar and also header.
There is no doubt that WordPress Widgets are the very best. They let you organize your blog the way you want. There are twenty different types of widgets offered by WordPress.

1. Testimonials

By using testimonials you can raise the bar of your profile. You can use them to exhibit testimonials by the aid of slides and also by video slides.

2. Opening hours

If you have the regular opening hours of your either online or offline business.
You can select and organize the time and date as well.

3. WP Biographia

To add a box that includes your profile, you can use this widget. It allows you to have a box with your biography on it so that it is available to viewers.

4. YouTube Channel Gallery

To pick and select videos from YouTube this widget can come in handy. It will allow you to present your latest video from the YTC.

5. Advanced Categories ($4)

If one is not happy with the categories provided for the basic one, he/she can use this widget. (S)he will be given a more advanced set of categories so that (s)he can use them.

6. Image widget

If you are not okay with adding images using HTML format, then this is the widget for you. It lets you add a logo or a banner.

7. PPB widget ($4)

Within a defined number of days this widget will display the most commented posts on your website.

8. W-R: Star Rating

It allows you to rate your posts and comments. The rating is done via the stars.

9. Gab fire Widget pack

This widget will add 12 additional widgets to your website.

10. BRP Widget Pro ($4)

This widget allows you to exhibit the name of the author, dates on which the posts are being made and also will allow you to post thumbnails.

11. Ultimate Weather

Like the name this widget allows you to add a weather report on your blog.

12. Tabbed Login Widget

This widget is a good substitute if you would rather exhibit your login from within, instead of dispatching visitors to the main link.

13. Dexs Navigation Tree

It adds a TOC (Table of Contents) to your posts. It can either be exhibited within your post using a shortcode.

14. Social Icons

There are many social widgets provided by WordPress. But this one is recommended because it gives you a variety of 21 most popular social media services.

15. My Social Counter (10$)

If one is looking to exhibit the visitor counts, then this widget is better than Social Icons.

16. WP Twitter Feeds

This will allow you to post the Twitter feeds on your blog.

17. Business Contact

This particular widget will let you post official details on the blog. If someone is interested in contacting you, they can use it.

18. WP Tab Widget

It can exhibit popular posts, comments, recent posts and also tags.

19. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Readers or customers could be asked for polling using this widget.

20. Widget Blocks

It allows you to add customizable widgets using the visual editor.

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